No Time Like The Present

It’s an old cliche, but couldn’t be truer… especially for me.

It’s the fourth quarter of 2015, I have a newborn, a six year old and a beautiful wife of nearly six years. I have everything to live for and a burning urge to fight. Negative forces be gone and positive ones unite!

I’ve come a long way and can only imagine how far we have to go and I have my family to thank for that. The pact now is about being nice, which for me, was a little more difficult than I imagined.

I have an attitude. I’m aggressive by nature and am quick to speak my mind. Anyone that knows me, knows that. That said, I promised my wife I would work on being a nicer person. She explained to me that I owe it to myself and my family; because walking around with an attitude, ready to snap on the next person for stepping on my foot and not saying “excuse me,” is played at this stage. Read more