I always tell people I’ve been writing all my life. I had a very giving family, so every birthday and on practically every holiday, they would send me a card along with a “token.” My mother, being the English Master’s holding person she was, always insisted that I show my appreciation in the form of a letter. So from the time I could collect my thoughts and express them on paper, it was my duty to practice by way of thank you letters.

So I practiced… and practiced, until it became second nature and by the time I was in high school, then college, I preferred literary courses to all the others. The idea of writing as a career was something I never imagined though. Rubbing elbows with people that I listened to in my car… playing a game of horse with athletes I watched on the tube… moving ideas from my head to the bargaining table… Nope.

Not that I didn’t think I could do it. I just never thought to do it.

I wanted to play professional basketball… especially after holding my own on the court with some NBA cats. When that didn’t happen, I followed another passion called “street promotions.” I always thought it was hot to be the dude that was at the mall, or an auto dealer, who would call into the radio station and tell people to come see him and get cash or prizes, or cash prizes.

When that vision became reality, the puzzle that was my life began to form. I got a gig with a popular street promotions crew, passed out flyers by day and posted billboards by night. But when the luster of the nightlife, free t-shirts and CDs wore off, I was faced with a stack of bills that required a bigger stack of money. I attempted to supplement my coveted industry career by seeking out a new gig, with a more established outfit. That opportunity came in the form of a weekly newspaper.

Gassed on what I’d seen and experienced in the world of promotions, I inquired about something therein. However, my contact was quick to inform me, “We don’t need any help in promotions. We need writers though. We always need writers. Can you write?”

Of course I can write. I’ve been doing that all my life.

So there you have it. I hit he ground running as a freelancer and earned a position as a staff writer within three months. That opportunity provided the groundwork for me to establish my own brand, which at this point, age wise, is the equivalent of a sixth grader.

Today I like to describe myself as a media professional and/or brand builder. I believe everything begins with the pen… To no fault of its own, this generation has turned in its pen for a keyboard, but the concept remains the same.

Write from the heart… Write from the start.

If I can help you bring your brand to life or enhance some fledgling product by putting my pen to work, let me know by filling out the form below.