13554147_1478400932.2623It takes a village to raise a child and that old adage couldn’t be truer for Colorado’s only Spelman College enrollee since 2015 – Nicole Dudley. A four-year AVID student, varsity POMS cheerleader and all around great kid, Nicole needs your help!

 Prior to being accepted and subsequently beginning her Freshman campaign, the lifetime academically advanced student was shorted thousands of dollars in financial aid. In order to remain at the prestigious Liberal Arts school, she needs a total of $9800 for her past due payment installment.

 Sadly, if that amount is not met by the end of Thanksgiving break, Nicole will be forced to move back to Colorado.  

Find more details at the Make America Care Again Facebook page or go to to pledge your support NOW for a very worthy student!!!

Good luck Nicole!


Below is a moving passage from Nicole’s mother, which provides more detail about her journey:

A failure to plan does not constitute an emergency on the part of another. However, when I hear my kid crying on the phone because she cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and how we are going to pull this off it breaks my heart. What I would like for you to know:

1. Nicole is the only girl to attend Spelman from Colorado in over a year or two. Colorado high schools do not advocate for their students to go HBCU’s but push UNC, UCD and CSU heavily. In fact, Nicole’s Advid teacher told Nicole out right that she was not going to Spelman even though Nicole had already been accepted. She even took it a step further and told the entire class that Nicole was not going to Spelman saying Nicole’s final grade was going to prohibit her. But God! My baby is there and doing well.

2. All funds from gofundme go directly into Nicole’s account for school.

3. $10,000 is due at the end of this month. I don’t even ALMOST have it, but $10k is nothing to somebody somewhere. There is a reason our girls (and boys) show up to the college fairs but dont show up to the schools. The tuition scares them off. Then they go to school in state and not even graduate at all for reasons surrounded around racism or the inability to relate to their peers on a cultural level. Its so easy to say “she should’ve just stayed home or gone somewhere cheaper.” WHY??? Not when author Alice Walker was having lunch in the Spelman cafeteria a week ago! Why deny a child an exerience like that!?

I am asking that you share my post with every organization that you are affiliated with. Help make showing up to an HBCU the norm and not the impossible!

Thank you in advance I love you all!

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