Bout Time For Blaine?

espnapi_dm_150527_nfl_cowherd_on_kaepernick_wmainI’m no football nerd, but I like the NFL – especially when the San Francisco 49ers are doing well. If you are a football fan, you know that isn’t the case right about now.

As a result, I’m a little detached from the game and then there’s hoop season, which always takes ahold of me this time of the year.

All that said, the 9ers being the laughing stock of the league right now, I had a feeling it would come to this. Even when Collin Kaepernick (I’ve been calling him Kraep for at least two years) was galloping up and down the field, flexing like there was no tomorrow, I didn’t believe in him. I know you’re supposed to believe in your team, and especially your team’s quarterback, but I had little to no patience for his antics on or off the field.

So today’s the day I bid you adieu Kraep. My wish is that after you are banished to bench, some other team invests in you, your arm, Beats headphones collection and sour attitude.

If Vernon Davis has to go, so do you.

For the record, I don’t condone the insertion of Blaine Gabbert into the starting lineup. It’s simply a testament to how far Kraepernick’s star has fallen. This is truly a case of getting worse before you get better.


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